BRTM offers personal, spiritual, and professional courses designed to help you get to the next level. Whether you are seeking personal growth and encouragement, spiritual knowledge or professional development,


I am Kahla (Cau-lah) LaPlante (La-Plant), a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a teacher, and Founder of Blessed R Thee Ministry (BRTM).

The inspiration from Mark Batterson's book "Draw the Circle 40-Day Prayer Challenge" will empower you to become more engaged in your prayer life with God.

I have facilitated this course for several years and each year I grow closer to Christ, learn more about God, and spend more time with Him.

I encourage you to take this 40-day journey with me. If you do not want to take this challenge alone, bring a group of friends, colleagues, or someone who may need spiritual direction through prayer.

I hope to see you there and I pray that you enjoy this course!

Many blessings,